Man Utd vs Arsenal? Wenger or Mourinho?

Hi everyone, today we’re gonna discuss really exciting match: Man Utd vs Arsenal.This match will take place on Old Trafford, Saturday 19 and it should be really interesting to watch. People talks about will Arsen Wenger shake hands with José Mourinho or not but for me that’s not the point at all. They are definitely not best friends and it’s not a friendly match at all. Manchester United vs Arsenal? Let’s see!

If we have a look on Premier League table we can easily say that this game is important for both teams. Of course, that’s not even a middle of the season but playing against top 5 always hard. Yes, latest results was quite different for both teams but they need to prove their champion’s “applications”.

Man Utd vs Arsenal, Premier league after 11 matches, Arsenal

Here we have some news about Arsenal:

That is not going to be easy game for them as they couple important players. Without Bellerín I hope their defence won’t be weaker as Jenkinson will replace him but they can lose in attack. The biggest problem is losing Santi Cazorla in that match. I’m sure Ozil will keep going as playmaker in his awesome performance. As i know there are some doubts about Sanchez (thigh) whom Arsenal cannot afford to lose in this match.

Arsenal’s form look also good – DWDWW which for me doesn’t look deservedly as they scored some lucky goals last matches. Of course, this season they have much more chances to win the League because of their bigger rotation. Anyway, playing Giroud instead of Sanchez will cause problems in attack despite he scored some goals coming from the bench.

What we can say about Manchester United?

Manchester doesn’t have such a good form – WDLDD  as Arsenal so they will try to prove their awesomeness in a game. I suppose Mourinho took International pause to understand what is going on and what he has to do with that mess.

They won’t have Zlatan Ibrahimovic (suspended) for that match but for me he’s losing his form now. So young Marcus Rashford can show us his talent. Paul Pogba still doesn’t play good as a team-player as whole MU, actually. Also having some problem in defence they should be really careful if they see Sanchez on the field.
Wenger vs Mourinho battle

What do we have in the result? Man Utd vs Arsenal!

If i were you I wouldn’t bet who’s going to win here. For me, Alexis Sanchez can win this game for Arsenal just by being on the field.  Chances look quite equal for me. Manchester should play better and better each game when Arsenal won’t be able to score such goals every game as they did. Who will win? Nobody knows but for me MU should get their point as they cannot lose anymore. Of course, the most expected result is still a draw. We will see!

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