Weekend tour review 19/11 part 1

Hi everyone, while people keep talking about is Cristiano Ronaldo gay or not we are going to talk about these awesome weekend matches. Usually, I prefer to analyse all games about 3-4 days after there are less emotions and more thinks that I can mention. So let’s start our tour review!

Premier League tour reviview

Manchester Uniter vs Arsenal (1-1)

Of course, first match of our tour review is Man Unt vs Arsenal cause I have analysed it before. Arsene Wenger was not able to beat José Mourinho first time ever in Premier League (Just like never..). That was really good chance as MU is not yet ready to fight and compete with such good teams when it is already end of November! Arsenal just had to play as they play always and they would win. They were trying a bit in first half but, actually, it was empty one. As I said Arsenal was trying to play through Alexis Sánchez which is not the best decision because he had some small health problems which is clear for me Influenced that game a lot. Anyway, for a team which pretending to win a League that is not enough at all.

Mourinho was really disappointed when referee didn’t give his team a penalty (and it was absolutely right) but it was not like usual he just didn’t know how to win this game without that penalty. In second half he understood that it is much better to play from opponent’s style and he has changed MU’s tactic.

Jose and Wenger not looking to each other

Wenger would never do it in his team and that’s why MU scored first. Absolutely, I cannot understand why did Elneny play instead of Xhaka who was quite good latest matches. Ozil has just desapear and whole team did not have any idea how to score a goal. When Olivier Giroud and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain have come to the field this idea was clear. Run – cross – goal. And they did it as simple as that. Finally, this draw is more than shows their forms and reflects whole match.

Manchester City vs Crystal Palace (2-1)

For me, that is clear that Vincent Kompany should end his career at least as a top team player coz here is no way to play when you get injured every single time (just stop hurting yourself man). But the HERO of this match is Yaya Touré for sure. That was awesome comeback for him but everyone knows that he is really a good player as he showed already playing so great in MC for so many years. As i think, even scoring 2 goals was not enough to persuade Pep Guardiola that he should play in starting 11. That’s clear that MC’s coach was not happy that his comeback was so good as he has never wanted him in MC.

Manchester City is much better now and second goal after corner shows it. Pass (about 35m) from corner by Kevin De Bruyne is something that would never happened in a top team. Anyway, Kevin is a talent but come on thats a corner! Easy win for MC, congratz.

Yaya Toure best of Africa

Liverpool vs Southampton (0-0)

No doubts, that was really tough game for Liverpool as Southhampton is really really good team. They are not that good as top teams but it is always hard to play against them. Also, Philippe Coutinho has just finished the match for Brazil and wast not 100% ready to play for Liverpool. And rainy whether didn’t let Jürgen Klopp’s team to create a lot of dangerous moments.

The worst moment for me is when Roberto Firmino didn’t score his 1 on 1 opportunity. That was only one 100% to win this game but he missed. Yeah yeah he is a star and best in EPL but this one should be scored. Move on!

Bundesliga tour review

RB Leipzig is the only leader!

I dont care that it’s Red Bull’s team and they have a lot of money but there are some really good quality players! For me, they are just like Leicester City! Hope they will also win the league! Go go Leipzig!

Dortmund vs Bayern Munich (1-0)

Borussia played exactly like MU in their second half giving the ball to Bayern and that gave them the result! Mario Götze playing better and better each game and I cannot believe that it is real to re-start his career after such a bad years. That was he who assist Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scoring the only goal of the game. Bad thing that Bayern Munich also played like Arsenal in that game trying to play yolo or trying to shoot in crazy and stupid moments.

Here is also a bad part of it because Aubameyang has lost some realy crucial moments to score. Especially, he should improve his 1 on 1 as so many big teams want him in their squads so the only point ton to transfer him is his 1 on 1 moment. For example, there are some rumours that Real Madrid wants him a lot but why do they need another Karim Benzema? Cause Pierre-Emerick is faster? No way!

aubameyang not scoring moments

Carlo Ancelotti is keep changing the team to his own and while he is doing that Dortmund gets points. Oh yeah and Leipzig gets the first position!

Hello, Spain’s tour review!

Barcelona – Malaga (0-0)

Nobody would believe me before the game that Barcelona can lose their point here. On Camp Nou! Is it because here was no Messi? Or no Suarez? Yeah, Paco Alcácer does not know how to score for Barcelona yet. I m sure that playing home 11 against 10 teams like Barcelona should win anyway and no referee’s decisions can change this!

Real Madrid – Atletico Madrid(3-0)

That was such a good play from Ronaldo. Yeah he scored one from penalty but anyway he was good and they won vs Atletico(and first goal was not that clear..). That was so important for them to win and get 3 point. Imagine how happy they were when Barcelona didn’t win and they got their first place!

Fur sure, Cristiano Ronaldo will get his 4th FIFA Ballon d’Or if Im not mistaken. Also he is know the most scoring one in history of their Madrid’s game.He is know playing as central striker which is good as here he doesn’t need his speed so much so he can play for longer over there.

Ronaldo and his 4th ball

Ohh..that’s too much..For now, tour review part 1 is over. Will write about Sunday’s games and Champions League soon. Cheers!

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