Sunday’s tour review 20/11 part 2

Hi everyone, today I want to continue our tour review 20/11 with Sunday’smost interested matches. Let’s start:

Tour review 20/11- England

Chelsea – new leader

antonio conte shouting 17-0

Chelsea won again vs modest Middlesbrough(1-0) and now is leading in Premier League! That’s how 3-4-3 works, right? Now they have 6 wins in a raw in the League! It wouldn’t be possible without last Liverpool’s draw which you can read about in tour review part 1.

Antonio Conte is doing great job over there and they could win 3-0, 4-0 or even 6-0 scoring their moments but…Victor Moses was not able to do that as he had 2 just 100% moments to score..HOW? Having a good match, actually! He is not the one to be a creative player or even a good finisher. Also having Pedro who was just like Moses in this match makes me thing that playing stable 11 is not the best decision..Where is Willian? He wouldn’t play worse for sure and, definitely, would score his moments!

Anyway, 1-0 is a win and Diego Costa keep being the most scoring guy. There were even no real moment for Middlesbrough to get even one goal except one when Kante had a mistake. David Luiz’s started to play much better since his transfer to Chelsea. He, absolutely, blocked Negredo not letting him to do anything. And I bet Chelsea wouldn’t has that streak (17-0 goals yeah?)  without him.

Tour review 20/11 – Italy

Atalanta – Roma (2-1!)

Salah didn’t score 3 1on1 moments just in one half! He could change that game completely and I cannot understand how such player as Mohamed can play like this. The only goal for Roma was from penalty winning first half. But in second half the game was lost because of Atalanta’s willing to win (5 wins in a raw wow!). Now they are 5th in Serie A as they have really good quality players who understand what they should do. I hope that this team keep being like that and won’t sell all their player. Just like new Sassuolo. Really feel hopeful this will last for long.

Milan – Internazionale (2-2)


To be honest, I was expecting Inter to win the game as their new coach Stefano Pioli just had to do this. Their squad looks better, they are motivated and have much more experience coz Milan now is young and fresh. Inter was better for first half, Geoffrey Kondogbia was as good as he before transfer, Perišić running, everything look good. Yes, Mauro Icardi is not able to score against Milan at all what is weird.

First Milan’s attack was failed by Carlos Bacca but second moment in the end of first half Suso scored so 1-0. After break Milan started to play way better, not only defending as in first half. Actually, that was just a real fight that we were waiting for a lot of years look at Milan – Inter banner. Attack after attack, moment after moment playing hard and to the end. In that mess, Inter got their goal first and almost stopped to played as, probably, they decided they got the game playing versus young boys. But Suso didn’t agree with that made another goal. Or Miranda did? Could you believe that Miranda would play like this in Atletico?

Milan could easily win this game and get second place in the table. But Inter concentrated to score and, logically, made the score 2-2. Both teams are unhappy when Juventus keep getting more point from second place. Will Pioli stay for a long and make a good team? What do you think? Or new Inter’s investors would prefer to invite Diego Simeone? Leave a comment below and have a good day!

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