Barcelona vs Real Madrid El Clasico 3/12

This El Clasico is going to be hot!

Hi everyone, the match today is el clasico and we gonna discuss today makes all us crazy as this will be legen..wait for it…dary! Legendary!

Well, anyway, who will win?

Will Real win El Clasico?

Let’s have a look how Real Madrid goes so far: WWWWW. That looks awesome, right? It’s kind of the reason why they are, currently, first in the La Liga.

La liga table befor el clasico 3-11

Zinedine Zidane is a young coach but his team now going with their undefeated streak what is, definitely, their advantage. Seems they understand what they are doing and have a plan for this game as well. Ronaldo really want to get a golden ball as has shown that last matches. Barcelona was not so good last matches that’s why they were not able to win.

Will Barcelona win El Clasico?

So why Barcelona? Are they in good shape? So: WWWDD. They have 2 draws in a row now so they do want to get 3 points this match and become closer to the first real can beat barcelona

Bale was injured and will miss about 25 games for Real. That is a bad news for them but it gives much more chances to Barcelona to win. Especially, with an idea that Ronaldo playing a striker therefore there will be much less creativity and attacking potential in general.

Barcelona will have all their best players on the field so they have more chances to win. MSN looks much stronger then Real’s BC.

So what should we expect from El Clasico?

What makes El classico great is that it’s unpredictable. Real has stronger midfield now but Barcelona’s attack now just awesome. Anyway, I would say that Barcelona will win for sure. They do want to win much more and have an option to do that. I do not believe that they will let Real win and get even bigger gap between them.

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