5 reasons for Chelsea to be new Premier League champions

Chelsea will be new Premier League champions with 99.99% probability and here is why:

1. Conte and his 3-4-3

Best EPL coach in November is going to win the League. His new tactic made the team to play so good that they are number ONE and not going to lose at all. They have an awesome results in a raw. Antonio Conte perfectly match this team and knows how to control it. That is proven by their results but even before his substitutes were changing games. Now they are going with great streak so will be, for sure, new Premier League champions this season.

2. Moses and team play

4-3-3 asked some players to play in a different positions or in a different manner but thats what’s made Chelsea great again. Moses have been “playing” for Chelsea for about 4 years but has never been in favour of coaches. Now he and others able to show their skill and really want to show what they can. Anyway, now they have the spot and playing together as a good team.

3. Hazard – best player in the world right now

Eden Hazard doest need to run so much and come back in defence so often as there are other players for this. The best player of 14/15 season is back to his perfect and ideal form so now he is even better than Messi and Ronaldo. Hazard shows why he as one of the most potential players in the world. His dribbling, openings and his shoot will do a difference for Chelsea and make them a new Premier League champions 16/17.

Hazard will make them Premier League champions
4. Costa is perfect to finish the moment for them

Diego Costa is playing also different coming more to the midfield and creating moments with fantastic Hazard to score. That’s also a plus of Conte’s 3-4-3 that makes all their rivals cry. Costa easily fit this style and now also shows how good he is.

5. New motivation and epic come back

Chelsea had really bad last season so they need to prove that in was not because they are competitive and still good. Conte has inspired a team so they understand how good they are and want to win everyone.

New Premier League champions?

Now they showed that they can beat any team and nobody is able to say that their play-style is not suitable for England. 3-4-3 is a perfect scheme for Chelsea to become ew Premier League champions. You will see that even after boxing days. Check how they played before in my tour review.

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