Top of the 2016 year

Now Cristiano Ronaldo got his Golden Ball and everything is over.

Are you happy with results?

I am not. But not because of the winner. Just because of this is not fair at all as so many great players as Andrés Iniesta dont have their awards.

Let’s have a look what others awards could be in our top of the year?

Club of the year – Leister

Thats kinda hard to be almost out of the league than win it and be almost in championship again lol.

Anyway, they have proved that EPL is the most competitive league as their such club like Leister.

Of course, they do earn much more than any other league but even though most people were not watching games like Leister – Southhampton – Everton and so on.

But now its proved that its the hardest one to play.

Player of the year – Sergio RamosRamos scoring

Only he alone won more titles for Real Madrid more than anybody ever for any club.

He scored so many goals after 90 minutes and all of them not just when winning 8-0 but in finals and important games versus Barcelona!

Even their unbeatable raw of games is made by him. That’s incredible.

Even everyone singing a song about him on last minutes do not believe that it’s possible to keep scoring like that all the time. Btw he was good as defender as well (no no dont think about Spain).

Coach of the year – Zidane

Well, here is Zidane a bit better than Claudio Ranieri as he broke the record and won Champions League in first season.

There are not so many coaches who can be proud of this, right?

I could believe that such a newby coach can improve Real Madrid play-style and win titles for them.

Game of the year – Chelsea 2 – 2 Tottenham

Yeah this one. Not agree?

Hmm..Tottenham was winning 2 – 0 while whole Leister was watching it and really worried about results.

Chelsea really didnt need this draw. They were somewhere behind.

And Leister was incredible happy about it.

But now we know Mauricio Pochettino doesn’t have..hmm..ability to be strong?

Anyway, that’s the game. Have a look of the replay.

Goal of the year – Portugal’s final one

flag of PortugalThat was not only important goal but also quite nice.

Have you seen the distance? Yeah not the longest but still out of the box.
Who scored it? I dont know but this was young Portugal striker.

Should mention that it’s even better the CriRo didn’t score this one.

Yeah Portugal didn’t show awesome football but they did it. Having just Pepe and Ronaldo.

Others just average players.

But the goal worth being in top of the year.

Injury of the year – Ronaldo in final again

He has done everything for Portugal to be in this final.

What is really awesome that other players understood that they also can play. Be a good team even without Ronaldo.

That’s the reason I he chosen that injury of the year.

But the worst part that it could be not that good as France was trying to make that injury happen.

That’s more than obvious and it is really bad.

Failure of the year – Paul Pogba

Great Paul PogbaYeah I understand that it’s just the begging and a lot of players could not start playing as good as before after their transfers.


Nobody was doing that advertising showing how cool he is. That he is Pogba the greatest. Bullshit.

That’s not about how good his football skills..

He is not that good ad he trying to show. And that’s why it is a failure. Welcome to home…omg..

Transfer of the year – Kante – Top of the year

Long story short:

Just made Chelsea as strong as they are now.

And completely destroyed Leister.

And that was not like over 100m for Paul Pogba or 90 or smth for Gonzalo Higuaín.

Klopp is right – better to grow talents than spend fortune for buying ones.

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