China ruins the football with money or cleans it?

Tevez about moneyHey, you should know that nowadays more and more football players go to China to play there.

One of the latest ones was Carlos Tevez who has become the most paid players in the world after his transfer.

Is it good to choose money over playing in a top team? Especially, when you are the one saying that everyone wants money and now do the same?

Ok, he has decided to get some money for his “retirement” but..

What about smb like Axel Witsel or Oscar?

They are still young and able to get a good progress, maybe even become super top players.


Witsel already did it once going to Zenit instead of a top5 league club. Now he had a chance to play for Juventus..Well, it is one of the bests club in the world.

Ok we also have Oscar who wasn’t in favour of Antonio Conte in Chelsea. He is still a good player and he is in his mid 20s.

I, absolutely, do not trust them saying they didn’t go there for money. Maybe they have chosen easier way to play in first 11..yeah.. Not being able to move to a top club or even play for national team consistently.
Witsel and Oscar

Clean them all

Im the one who thinks that wages football players get are not really proved by how they play.

Anyway, I would rather be looking 11 people with passion as a team than trying to sell themselves to other clubs.

Would be better to have football where everyone who thinks that its all about money would play in a different league.

In this case China would be more like clearing from these people rather than ruining football. They could learn as much money as they want but I hope people won’t be watching it.

Yes, EPS has become the one it is now also because of investing money. But do you believe everything has started the same as Chinese league?

Anyway, I think China cleans football right now and good players would keep playing as long as possible in top teams.

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